Thursday, June 30, 2011

Idiot "Law Enforcement Officer" To Parade Female Chain Gang At Basketball Game

Joe Arpaio likes to be called "America's toughest sheriff."  His latest stunt, a clear abuse of the power granted him by Arizona voters, has instead led me to dub him "Big Fat Fucking Moron."

Via the Phoenix New Times:

"Sheriff Joe Arpaio's publicity stunt of choice for All-Star weekend: a female chain gang that probably will make a stop at Chase Field to pick up garbage as the national sporting press tries to cover a baseball game.

"We spoke briefly to MCSO Lieutenant Justin Griffin this afternoon. As the former head of Arpaio's chain-gang unit, he says he can't reveal where the chain gang will go because if people knew, they could stash contraband in the area for inmates to retrieve. He says that sort of thing's been a problem in the past."

Arpaio is no stranger to bad publicity over his stunts, as he has developed a reputation as a showboat official with a fondness for outraging just about everyone for his policies against undocumented workers and women in his care, in some cases refusing to feed them enough food.  This new stunt is just one more misogynist notch in his belt.

Jezebel notes, however, that Crazy Joe's "tough" (I say cruel) policies aren't effective, as violent crime in his county has risen 69% under his watch, with a whopping 116% increase in homicides.  Stop trying to get yourself on television, Arpaio, and do your fucking job.

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