Wednesday, June 29, 2011

White House Live Stream For Pride Party Disappears

So the White House has a big ol' gay party goin' down today, and many of the gay blogs were planning on making use of the live stream announced on the White House website in order to see what Barry O had to say to LGBT Americans at the gala ("I love you guys!  But I'm going to leave your marriages up to the states.  Suck it, Kentucky queers!").

But GoodAsYou and Towleroad were disappointed.  Minutes before the stream was supposed to start, the embed code disappeared and the announcement was deleted.

Jeremy Hooper at GoodAsYou:

"Okay, so this is really weird. Earlier today, the White House proudly announced that tonight's LGBT reception would be livestreamed, just as they stream just about every other WH event:

"Which is why we embedded it here for you to watch. We were excited to bring it to you. Ready to hear the next evolutionary step.

"But then a short time before the event, without either word or apparent reason, the White House removed the above announcement from White House Live. Then, come 5:45PM: No live stream. The code we had been given (at the sharelink, above) was inactive."

This is not just weird, but extremely suspicious. 

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