Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jared Polis: Ease Up On Obama. Ian Awesome: Fuck Off.

Perhaps the most prevalent sentiment that I found at Netroots was a huge dissatisfaction with the Obama administration, which in light of LGBT struggles and the virtual destruction of collective bargaining in some states isn't that surprising.  Issues addressed that I classify as even more urgent is the failure of Obama to stop deportations of immigrants and the thousands of HIV/AIDS patients lacking medical care due to budget cuts.

Openly gay Congressman Jared Polis, however, wants the LGBT community to simmer down a bit, telling the Huffington Post:

"We were ultimately successful [at ending Don't Ask, Don't Tell], and the president's steadfast support of ending the policy the whole way through was very helpful in that regard.  I think he also deserves strong accolades for his decision not to appeal the DOMA case. That's really a landmark decision, it's been very rare in the annals of history."

Essentially parroting Dan Pfeiffer's assertion that Obama is the best thing to happen to the LGBT community since dental dams, Rep. Polis would love it if the blogosphere would quit their criticism of the President.  I'm sure that it has nothing to do with the fact that he's a Democrat.

And why should we ease up?  Congress repealing DADT when it was clear that the President wasn't going to do something as simple as issuing an executive order?  Declining to defend a disgusting piece of legislation?  While I appreciate these efforts and will continue to be grateful that we have a leader who is making an effort to help the gay community, too many of Obama's promises on time-sensitive issues have fallen short, and it is the express purpose of blogs like mine to hold leadership accountable.  

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