Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Geek Shit Wednesday Vol. XIV

I've missed a couple weeks of GSW, but we're back, with all the super-special geekiness that you've come to love.

Video: Spiders Spin Webs In Zero G

I've always thought it would be neat to be in space, but I figure the vertigo from free-fall would cause me to barf everywhere, initiating a nonstop spewfest.  These spiders we shot into space, but instead of hurling all over they demonstrated how spiders require gravity in order to orient themselves for web building.

On Earth, these golden orb spiders, named Gladys and Esmerelda, would normally build circular webs.  However, on the International Space Station, seem confused and actually spin webs in an orb.

This video and the data gleaned will be used by students in the classroom in order to compare with the behaviors of Earth-bound arachnids.

Sega Brings BBC Earth To Life With Interactive Experience

Interactive exhibit spaces sponsored by Sega and featuring content provided by BBC Earth will be coming to the US and Japan within the next two years, as reported by Wired UK:

"The details of the 'experience' are somewhat vague, but we do know that it will take up 4,000 square metres of a multi-level space where visitors will be able to explore the natural world using their eyes, ears, hands and minds. 

"It will use content from BBC Earth's hit series -- including Planet Earth and The Blue Planet -- and technology from Sega's Facility Business. This is the division that builds large live entertainment concepts, including amusement arcades and theme parks such as Tokyo's Joypolis and Dubai's indoor theme park Sega Republic. The sorts of technologies that may be on show include interactive theatres, motion simulators and virtual reality environments. Visitors would pay an entry fee just as they would for an exhibition or amusement park."

Planet Earth and the Blue Planet are my two utmost favorite documentary series.  Congrats to Sega for signing onto BBC's exploration of Spaceship Earth.  While sources in both companies are being tight-lipped about the locations of both spaces, it might be worth the plane ticket to wherever it is.  

Photography: Summer Solstice 2011

While pagans and hippies were busy worshipping the sun yesterday for the summer solstice (yeah, I'm talking to you, Lux!), Gizmodo was busy collecting images of the sun on the longest day of the year.  Click on over to enjoy all 45.  

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