Monday, June 20, 2011

The Right Wing Has Gone Batshit Over Em Effing Glitter

Glittering has achieved a goal organizers certainly never ever considered: exposing the violent rhetoric and despicable invective of commenters who read right wing blogs.

While certain activists/advocates on the left have questioned glitter bombing anti-gay candidates as inappropriate and ineffective, the right has skipped that whole phase and gone straight to threatening the physical safety of glitter-bombers. This froth-at-the-mouth behavior has taken place in the comments sections of a few conservative blogs, unchecked and unaddressed by the bloggers in question.

For instance, from Andrew Breitbart's site (all comment quotes via Bilerico):

"...start taking liberals down en masse

"...someone is going to get dropped like a wet sack of cement. Got it pinkos?

"They should of tackled her and led her off in chains...

" silly little proggies are going to get tackled and beaten to a pulp!

"...Secret Service should have tackled her arse to the ground (and I'm talking about a linbacker takedown)

"The Congresswoman's protectors should have shot and killed this liberal bitch

"Well, I say screw the lawsuits ...tis OPEN SEASON - every second of every day until these mean-spirited, anti-American bastards either leave this country or change their evil ways."

And from Michelle Malkin's blog:

"A really hard Dick Butkus style hit that blows the perp about 20 yards away in a pile of pain? Glitter should stick pretty well to the bloody pulp.

"A attack by glitter should be treated equally with a chemical attack.

"...on the receiving end of a right hook.

"...I pray the next person who pulls this stoopid stunt gets the ever loving sh*t beat out of him."

And these aren't the only examples. There are many many more.

While moderating a blog's comments can almost become a full-time job, one would expect this kind of hate speech to have, at some point, drawn attention from the administrators of these websites. Not only were these disturbing threats posted, but actual personal details of the activist's jobs and homes. GetEQUAL has, sources say, warned Nick Espinosa and Rachel E. B. Lang to be very very careful in the upcoming days.

After all, it only took a graphic of crosshairs to kill six people and nearly kill one Congresswoman. Who knows what violence these unchecked crazies are capable of?

Therefore: Breitbart and Malkin, and all other political pundits on the right? Police your shit. We glittered a few of your guys. Does that mean that it's okay to commit outright violence on ours?

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