Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poor David Tyree

This poor guy!  Two days ago we reported on David Tyree delivering a 63,000 signature petition to the NY Senate in order to persuade them to vote "no" on marriage equality.  Even though it appears his efforts may be in vain, Tyree (who, though I don't know anything about sports but I hear was a mediocre player) took his bullshit show on America's Nightly Scoreboard on FOX Business channel in order to tell America "I don't want my kids to think homosexuals are normal."

"If I have my child at a public school and I'm totally against same-sex or homosexuality, now they have the right to teach my child that this is something normal, or true."

You goofball!  Unfortunately for you, America more and more believes that gays are normal, and you would be doing your children a disservice to teach them otherwise.


  1. Differential Association theory. Teaching your children that group X is superior to group Y...and then sending them out into the world to work and live with people of both groups (and more) IS in fact a disservice. Teaching your children to hate and label "abnormal" another group of people based on an arbitrary status is an education in bigotry only a modicum different than naming your son Adolf Hitler Jones and then being surprised the kids on the schoolyard treat him shabbily.

  2. Dude, you have the ability to make my points in much better words than I would ever know to use. Thanks. ;)