Friday, June 17, 2011

Breitbart Tries To Crash Netroots, Gets Chased Out Of The Building

The drama continued at Netroots today, as Andrew Breitbart tried to gate-crash the event and was shouted out of the building by a whackjob with a flip cam.

Breitbart, a conservative journalist, is in Minneapolis this week in order to attend RightOnline, the GOP response to Netroots Nation that takes place every year. He also serves on the board of the dubiously monikered GOProud. Breitbart strolled over to the convention center today and attempted to enter the conference without credentials.

He was turned away, as he refused to purchase a $355 ticket. Almost immediately, a crazy person shoved a camera in his face and began shouting useless bullshit, yelling "Do you ever use cocaine?!"

Already, the right wing blogosphere has blown up with the incident, with one weirdo insisting that the incident was a homophobic attack on Breitbart on the part of progressive activists.

Right. Because we're all just so homophobic.

I believe this was a pointless attempt by Breitbart in order to create a media event and grab attention in order to smear Netroots participants. Unfortunately one man assisted him to that goal. It was childish of Breitbart to show up (I mean, what - is RightOnline so boring that he has to come and wreck our party?), and just as childish to attack him.

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