Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dan Choi Responds To Glitter Debate

One of the nice things about Netroots is you get to corner famous people and get quotes from them.

I asked Dan Choi how he felt about glittering, and he responded as follows:

"Glitter makes anything more joyous, celebratory and fabulous. The gentle 'Glitter-Bombings' we have seen recently are non-harmful, non-threatening, non-lethal and non-violent manifestations of immense fabulousness. Furthermore, it is an organic and heartfelt statement that increases the joy of all people endowed with a sense of humor. It also brings attention to the dearth of joy in the hearts of the offended parties. I hope we see more of it, for in these times we should share laughter more often, not less often, and I look heartily look forward to any attempts by my critics to glitter-bomb me, so long as they also agree to share a drink with me. Fabulousness would be had by all."

He's not sharing my hotel room if they do at next Netroots, that's for damn sure.  That shit gets everywhere.  

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