Monday, June 27, 2011

Fast-Moving Bus-Sized Asteroid Buzzes Earth

A 10 meter-long asteroid whizzed by Earth today at a mere 12,000 km, giving the Faulkes Telescope Project the opportunity to grab some snazzy photos of the fast-moving object (click here to see).

There was no chance the rock was going to hit Earth, as Tweeted by Nasa:

However, there is a slight chance that it will impact Earth in 2022, as the asteroid has an Earth-like orbit and passed close enough to have that orbit affected by our gravity.  Never fear, though.  Objects under 25 meters are too small to escape breaking up in our atmosphere.

Events like these always remind me of the movie-within-a-movie, "Asteroid," from "Girls Will Be Girls." If you look closely at the poster tagline in the background, it is "EARTH MIGHT GET CRUSHED!"  Watch it, it's a gross and hilarious movie.

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