Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Portland Trailblazers, Will You Join The Crowd Of Non-Haterz?

A new petition is making its rounds on the Change.org website, asking the Portland Trailblazers to join other professional sports teams to join the ranks of athletes supporting gay youth by making an It Gets Better video.

"Within the last few months 5 MLB teams have made a video for the It Gets Better campaign to benefit the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. These 5 teams have spoken out against bullying and hatred in our society. The Giants became the first professional sports team to make a video for the campaign.

"The Blazers should set an example for the rest of the NBA by being the first team to make an 'It Gets Better' video. The It Gets Better campaign started last fall following the alarming number of gay teen suicides around the country. The 'It Gets Better Project' is a website and organization dedicated to helping 'young people who are lesbian, gay, bi or transexual see how love and happiness can be a reality in their future.'

"Portland is a city that embraces its LGBT community with open arms. We also love our Blazers! It's this organizations' responsibility to its fans to continue fostering a record of community service by taking it to a new level in the NBA. Sign this petition to let the Blazers know that you're a fan and that you want to see them make an 'It Gets Better' video."

The 'Blazers have historically been a stinker of a team, but their recent athletic successes have generated a renewed interest in Oregon's biggest professional sports team.  What with the seeming rash of anti-gay ignorance and bias in Stumptown, now might be the perfect time for the 'Blazers to show their support for queer youth.

Visit the link below to sign the petition.

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