Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Video: DREAMers In The Republican National Committee HQ

DREAM act students have officially become my favorite activists-- they're so freaking inspiring I get goosebumps every time I see them in action.

Via Carlos In DC:

"Today I experienced history, when I saw a group of brave, highly motivated young Americans walking in the headquarters of the most hateful and divisive political party in the United States, and leaving behind a message of peace, solidarity and justice.

"A group of about 80-100 young undocumented students walked in the headquarters of the Republican National Committee this afternoon, asking to be seeing by the chairman or vice-chairman. They waited for at least 20 minutes, until an old White lady came out to talk, but she listened patiently."

I am no stranger to protests or arrests, but I have a lot less to lose than these amazing people.  Their bravery in coming out as undocumented places them not just at risk of violence and discrimination, but deportation.  Every time they participate in direct action, they gamble with their future and could possibly lose their education due to deportation.  God bless these guys.  They are truly amazing.

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