Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Arkansas Governor Claims To Have "Evolved"

Thanks, Barack Obama, for figuring out a way to make the word "evolution" a hateful word to liberals.

I've got a big hump day eyeroll for Governor Mike Beebe today, who made history last night by being the first Arkie Guv to address a gay rights group.  While he claimed to have "evolved" on gay issues, now supporting gay couples' right to foster children, the address sounds like him reiterating support for anti-gay policy.

Not only did he take a hard-line stance against same-sex marriage and civil unions ("But that’s the law. That’s the constitution and that’s the way it is."), he also defended one Little Rock newspaper's decision to not list a gay man's partner in his free obituary.

Via Igor Volsky at ThinkProgress:

"Q: Speaking in terms of strictly of government, do you think LGBT people are discriminated against in Arkansas?

"BEEBE: Well, if you measure that by whether or not you believe there should be a law that permits marriage, to other than between a man and a woman, then you’ve answered your own question. I don’t think that’s discrimination because I think that’s appropriate societal judgment. I think that’s appropriate societal…"

Um, really?  Why did he even show up, if it was just to show that he's not gonna be giving the gays any love?  

His missteps took an even bigger turn for the worse, as he incorrectly stated that it was illegal to fire someone in Arkansas for being gay, then was loudly corrected by his audience.  Dumb!

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