Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Right Has The Gall To Criticize GLAAD On Big Business Gaffe

The blogosphere has been up in arms over GLAAD's letter to the FCC supporting the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, a scandal that has resulted in the ouster of Jarrett Barrio and six GLAAD board members.  Further consequences of the issue have popped up today, with Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council using the incident as proof of corruption within the LGBT community:

"This incident exposes the seamy relationship between homosexual activists, government, and big business. For example, activist groups have persuaded some liberal jurisdictions to adopt 'equal benefits ordinances,' forcing corporations to offer 'domestic partner benefits' to homosexuals or forfeit government contracts.

"They then tout those benefits policies to bring pressure on other companies--never mentioning the policies were only adopted because of such 'pay-to-play' demands. After using government to pressure business, the activist groups may have used business to put pressure on the law this spring when it was rumored that Coca-Cola pressured law firm King & Spalding to drop the Defense of Marriage case--an action widely criticized in the legal community. But GLAAD crossed the line--even with their supporters--in accepting a corporate payoff in exchange for their own effort to pressure government regulators. 

"Corporations would be on safer ground if they would steer clear of groups like GLAAD and simply remain neutral in the culture wars."

While I couldn't give two shits about T-Punk's opinion, it's truly unfortunate that GLAAD's poor leadership has exposed our communities to this sort of rhetoric.  Plus!  I find it amusing that a right winger has the balls to criticize the gay community on its relationship to any sort of big business.  

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