Tuesday, June 28, 2011

David Frum Tells Us What We Already Knew

David Frum, a writer for CNN.com and former special assistant to President Bush, has now had a special coming out of his very own, stating "I was wrong about same-sex marriage."

He has been, in the past, a vociferous opponent of marriage equality, notably debating the issue at length with Andrew Sullivan fourteen years ago. Now, he joins the growing number of social conservatives throwing in the towel and saying, "what's the big deal?" The lie that marriage opponents have used to justify their war against gay Americans being given equal standing under the law-- the erosion of the family unit-- has clearly, to him, been proven wrong.

"By the numbers, in fact, the 2000s were the least bad decade for American family stability since the fabled 1950s. And when you take a closer look at the American family, the facts have become even tougher for the anti-gay marriage position.

"Middle-class families have become somewhat more stable than they used to be. For example: College-educated women who got married in the 1990s were much less likely to get divorced than equally educated women who got married in the 1970s."

Congrats, David Frum. Welcome to the 21st century!

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