Sunday, June 26, 2011

OneAngryAlly: Keep Your Laws Off My Ovaries!

Today, everyone's favorite appallingly conservative Midwest governor Scott Walker is set to approve Wisconsin's new budget, which contains $1 million in cuts to Planned Parenthood. With this action, Wisconsin will join Indiana (also led by a favorite appallingly conservative Midwest governor), Kansas, and North Carolina in entirely ending state funding of the organization.

Despite the fact that anywhere from less than one percent to three percent of said funding is used for abortions, pro-life supporters rejoiced at the news, just one more blow to working-class Wisconsin. Less than one percent. Yup, all those baby-killin' liberals over at Planned Parenthood do is provide abortions. 100% of the time.

As a resident of a rural Midwestern state, one of the most heartbreaking parts about this story involves the clinics which stand to lose the most. The more metropolitan clinics (in Madison, the capital, for instance) will still be able to provide many services, as they receive funding from federal sources and elsewhere. No, the clinics receiving the primary impact of the state cuts are in small communities like Shawano and Wisconsin Rapids. If these outposts are anything like the Planned Parenthood clinic in my small community, they already have little to offer the low-income residents of the area. Now, these women will have nowhere to go for basic health care.

I recently needed to visit my local Planned Parenthood, in rural Ohio, another state where such funding is in limbo. When I called, early on a Monday morning, to make an appointment, I was told that the next available slot was the following Monday afternoon. And why? Was this because the clinic was absolutely jam-packed over the upcoming week? Oh, no. They only have the ability to have the doctor in one day a week, and in fact were closing five hours early on the day I spoke to the receptionist. There is no other option in my community, and I was forced to wait a week. Fortunately, my life was not in danger, but it was still not the most pleasant week of my life. Hey, Scott Walker, and pro-life douchebags! These clinics are already barely hanging on by a thread, and womens' health is at stake! What I do with my ladyparts is none of your business!

Now, I know that many of you faithful readers do not have to worry about parenthood or planning for it, but this is an issue that affects everyone. I can spend all day telling you guys about the services Planned Parenthood does provide - annual exams, contraception, education, a safe place, just for starters - and I'm sure that we all at some point have benefited from these.

Instead, I will leave you with another example that outrages me beyond all belief; I guess we can be grateful that this practice does not still exist. North Carolina legislators are currently debating paying a settlement to women who endured forced sterilization at the hands of the state as recently as the 1970s. The justification given? The woman interviewed, a 14-year-old rape victim, was "promiscuous." Fortunately, the state is considering a payment (a paltry $20,000); however, North Carolina's heavily conservative, hateful legislature will probably vote it down.

This sort of garbage absolutely turns my stomach. How advanced are we as a society when we still have to debate womens' basic rights? Womens' health affects everybody, everybody.

Read more about North Carolina's eugenics program.

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