Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rally Held For Disabled Gay Men Kicked Out Of Pool

Dozens of people reportedly rallied yesterday in Hazard, KY to show support for the two gay men who were removed from a city owned swimming pool by city employee Kim Haynes.  The Bible was cited as the reason for kicking them out, and this has the local community outraged over this clear violation of separation of church and state.

A lifeguard for the pool has stated that the couple were kissing, and that was the issue.  However, the Kentucky Equality Federation insists that kissing did not take place, and that a heterosexual couple would not have been exposed to that level of bigotry.

"'There was not kissing, and there was nothing of that sort. One of them sat on the other's knee and that was it,' said Jordan Palmer, president of the Kentucky Equality Federation.

"Palmer says the Pavilion worker, Kim Haynes, used the Bible to justify kicking the men out.

"'Religion has no place in government, let alone a public facility. He did not have the right to do that to those people,' said Palmer."

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