Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Anti-Gay Ex-Football Star Delivers Petition To Halt Marriage Equality

David Tyree has joined the ranks of famous douchebags in the discussion about same-sex marriage in New York State, braving the packed capitol building in Albany in order to deliver a 63,000 signature strong petition demanding state Senators vote "no" on the widely publicized measure.

The bill has necessitated strong lobbying efforts by Governor Cuomo and thus far those efforts seem to be succeeding, with just one vote left before victory for LGBT rights is assured.  A gigantic rally was held today in Albany, with both sides present.  Scott Wooledge from the DailyKos Tweeted this particularly memorable quote from the scene:

"Senator Tom Duane: 'It's never been about if, it's that we need the when to be NOW. [Crowd chants loudly, NOW! NOW! NOW!]"

"Protesters against same-sex marriage on Monday sang hymns like 'Victory is Mine,' chanted 'God says no,' and held signs like 'Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman.' Some clustered in small prayer circles to pray for the rejection of the gay marriage bill in New York.

"Former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree also joined the demonstration at the Capitol Monday and lent his star power to the fight against gay marriage in New York. The Super Bowl XLII football champion helped hand-deliver 63,000 petitions against same-sex marriage to Senate Republicans."

I'm fond of commenting on straight allies in the athletic world, so it saddens me a bit to see that Tyree has chosen to come down on the side of bigotry.  Dear David: I hope you are on the losing side, and that you come to regret being so when you see the positive change marriage equality will bring to your state.


Elizabeth Hasselbeck defends Tyree's backward BS:

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