Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chris Barron Is A GOProud PR Nightmare

I feel really bad for Jimmy LaSalvia and the rest of the GOProud bunch when they have this asshole Tweeting bullshit like this:

Don't worry, Chris.  It's easy to tell you have a hard staying classy regardless.


  1. If GoPROUD had any integrity, they would dump the guy, but they won't because of this "go along to get along" mentality that exists.

  2. I actually met Jimmy LaSalvia and he was absolutely charming. I sincerely feel sorry for these guys that they have this guy on their hands.

  3. Therein lies the problem: I'm not sure they do. Since no one left and far left of center don't hold anyone accountable when they exhibit anti-gay animus or inward bigotry and discriminatory, it's no wonder why they don't