Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bachmann Uses Taxpayer Money To Fund Tea Party Event

Michele Bachmann, the darling of the Tea Party and proponent of cutting wasteful spending in Federal government, misappropriated House funds in order to pay for a Tea Party rally calling for the halt to government takeovers of health care.

The money, which rules specifically stipulate cannot be used in order to pay for political activities, was paid to the sound and stage company that worked the event.  Bachmann's office insists the funds were spent appropriately, giving the justification that the rally was a "press conference."

Consisting of a crowd of Tea Partiers gathered at the Capitol waving anti-government signs and chanting "Kill the bill," the event did not involve an address directly to media, nor did Bachmann take questions from reporters.  IE: She lied in order to get taxpayer money to pay for her wingnut convention.  Way to cut back on waste, Shelly!

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