Monday, June 13, 2011

Woman Receives Uterus Transplant-- From Her Own Mother

This blew my mind a little bit.

Meet Eva and Sara Ottosson a lovely mother/daughter combo from Sweden.

Sara is an unusual young lady with a rare disorder.  She was born with Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser Syndrome, meaning she was born without a uterus, rendering her barren.  She would like to have children.  Years ago, this would not have been possible.  However, Swedish doctors have scheduled a historic operation that will give her what she wants: a functioning uterus. 

While this is amazing in of itself, the part that really blew me away is this: the donor?  Her own mother.  That's right.  Sara Ottosson is going to receive a uterine transplant of the uterus in which she herself developed.

"Dr Mats Brannstrom, who is leading the medical team, said a womb transplant remained one of the most complex operations known to medical science.

"He said: 'Technically it is lot more difficult than transplanting a kidney, liver or heart. The difficulty with it is avoiding haemorrhage and making sure you have long enough blood vessels to connect the womb.

"'You are also working deep down in the pelvis area and it is like working in a funnel. It is not like working with a kidney, which is really accessible.'"

There's something beautiful to me about a woman receiving the uterus that gave her life in order to bear children.  That is pretty freaking rad.


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