Monday, June 13, 2011

Developmentally Disabled Gay Men Kicked Out Of Pool. Why? The Bible.

Hazard, Kentucky is one place you might want to skip if you're gay this summer, with one government-run recreation center feeling the heat after an incident in which two developmentally disabled gay swimmers were asked to leave.  When the employee who kicked them out was asked why the men in question were being asked to leave, the staff in question cited the Bible and stated that gays weren't allowed to swim at the facility, which is called the Pavilion.

"'The Pavilion staff immediately entered the pool area and asked my clients and their staff to leave the Pavilion,' stated Shirlyn Perkins, Executive Director of [Mending Hearts]. 'My staff asked The Pavilion staff why they were being asked to leave, and they were informed that "gay people" weren't allowed to swim there. My staff told this man that what he was trying to do was discrimination. The man stated that what he was doing was in the Bible and he could do it. My staff continued to argue with this man, but was ultimately forced to leave. My clients, whom already feel ridiculed and different, left the city owned facility crying and embarrassed for trying to participate in "normal" activities that everyday "normal" people do.'"

Holy shitballs, this takes the cake for lack of compassion and pure douchebaggery, aside from the fact that I'm pretty sure Leviticus has nothing to say on the topic of sodomites in city-owned pools.  Naturally, the Kentucky Equality Federation is suing the facility for this blatant act of discrimination.



  1. This strongly reminds me of what went on during the Jimmy Crow era where blacks were unable to or restricted in their use of public pools.

  2. The people of Sodom and Gomorrah were involved in all forms of fornication, Not strictly homosex. This government employee failed to explain the true reason behind asking gays to leave the pool. And this would not have happened if he had not abused his authority failing to love his neighbor.