Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On The Road To Netroots Nation

I'm traveling to Minneapolis today, so posting will be sporadic.  I've asked Sarah and Michael to post a few times over the next few days, so hopefully you'll get all the whining about politics that you've become accustomed to from yours truly. 

I am notorious for having a travel curse and it struck today.  Due to a mechanical failure, my flight from Portland to San Francisco has been canceled, meaning that I would miss my connecting flight to Minneapolis.  Happily, I'm not an asshole, so the nice lady working the counter (who had been yelled at by angry passengers all morning) tearily thanked me for my calm, polite demeanor and put me on a direct flight to my destination to leave later in the day.  Thanks, Faith Rasband of United Airlines!  You rock!

Word of advice:  Be angry.  Be angry, because it's a tool to change things for the better.  But you know what?  Save it for the big stuff, cuz otherwise you're just some punk in an airport getting put on a red-eye because you pissed of the ticketing agent. 

I'll see you in Minneapolis!

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