Friday, December 17, 2010

WTF is Going on in Mexico???

Clearly these people have gone crizazy!

 Don't ask me, I'm Cuban.

"More than 140 inmates escaped via the main entrance of a prison near the U.S. border on Friday in the biggest Mexican jailbreak since the government began its war on drugs four years ago.

Hours later, suspected hitmen blew up a car outside a police station near the business hub of Monterrey in the latest act of brinkmanship between drug gangs and officials."


"A small drone used by Mexican federal police was flying in its country's airspace before malfunctioning, forcing controllers to crash it across the Texas border in El Paso, a Mexican government official told The Associated Press.

The unmanned aircraft was on routine patrol before it crashed Tuesday night in an El Paso yard, said the Mexican government official, who spoke Friday on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the issue."

Ok, guys!  You need to simmer down down there.  Not only are you buying up our guns and using them to set free your felons, but you're crashing spy planes in THE WORST city in the nation!  Why the hell you spying on El Paso?  Chrissake!  Maybe we toppled the wrong government!

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[msnbc-- Jailbreak

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