Thursday, December 16, 2010

If You See This Guy in Person, Give Him My E-mail. I Have Some Choice Words for Him.

Take a look at this guy.  Memorize his face.  He is the enemy.

His signature is stupid too..

This guy, formerly known as Douglas, changed his name the other day to "Captain Awesome."  He lives in Eugene (my hometown).  He went to my high school.  And he's ruining my rep.

I've been referred to as Ian Awesome for about three years now.  I decided I was becoming more awesome and more superhero-like every day!  Therefore, I needed to have a new name-- the one that I write under now.  Never fear!  Ian Awesome is on the case.

At one point, I seriously considered changing my legal name to Ian Awesome.  It's not something I've ruled out.  Can't do that now!

"But he officially became Captain Awesome only last month, when a Lane County Circuit Court judge approved his name change petition.  And his new first name is no title, he made clear in a recent interview.

'Hi! I’m Captain,' he said, making this story even more fun to write. Journalists refer to subjects by last name only on second and subsequent references. So, that’s Awesome!

Any reader who — like Awesome — watches the television show 'Chuck' will not be surprised to know how he chose his new moniker. It was, indeed, inspired by a character on the NBC action/drama series: Dr. Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb.
'I just thought it was really funny that Devon’s father always called him Captain Awesome because "a poor nickname builds good character,"' said the local Awesome, an out-of-work cabinet installer."

HA!  Likely story.  So, dear reader, YOU decide.  Who's the poser-- MOI, or this... this... CABINET MONKEY?!

[The Register Guard]


  1. Weaksauce! The guy looks like a total skeeze and completely undeserving of any awesomeness.

  2. just look at his unawesome face. I'm very upset.