Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Congress, POTUS Realize That Running a Country is More Important Than Their Vacations

President Obama has vowed to stay in Washington until Congress adjourns for their holiday break, which is pretty much the right thing-- I mean, he HAS essentially foisted off all that tricky "running the country" stuff off on Congress, after all.  I mean, serious, some of this shit?  He can take care of it by sitting down, writing an executive order, and saying "I'm a serious mammer jammer, so do what I say."  Instead, he keeps insisting that we need 500 people to agree on things like, oh, whether gay soldiers get to keep their jobs.  Oy.

I digress.  Looks like his Hawaiian vacay may be delayed!

Barry can't keep his shirt on any more than Pam Anderson can...

"Saturday is supposed to be the start of the Senate's Christmas recess and the day Obama and the first family head for Hawaii.  However, Gibbs told reporters that a Saturday departure appears unlikely.  'I think the Senate is going to be in longer than this week,' he said, adding that Obama will stay in Washington for 'as long as the Congress is here.'"

Good fucking Christ!!  This makes the news?  Why would we, as Americans, think this is extraordinary?  Imagine this headline:

"Postman Couldn't Clock Out On Time Today Because He Didn't Deliver All His Mail in a Prompt Manner."

Motherfuckers, you are lucky you GET a holiday.  Quit being douches and do your jobs instead.  


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