Monday, December 27, 2010

Israel, Unsurprisingly, isn't All That Rational When it Comes to Palestine

Israel's foreign minister today said that a peace deal with Palestinians was "impossible" and they would continue to consider the Palestinian Authority to be an illegitimate government due to their postponed elections.

 I'm not going to this guy's Seder.


I mean, really, Israel?  If you read the article, there's a ton more info, but it really just boils down to that, doesn't it?


Can we move on with our lives?  We have been dealing with this conflict for FAR too long.  No wonder rockets are still flying across your borders, Foreign Minister Lieberman-- you think peace is impossible, thus it is.

Not to mention your childish tactics when it comes to diplomacy.  One of the top stories on CNN is Israel not only refusing to apologize for the killing of Turkish activists bringing relief to Palestinians by sea, but their response!  Oh my.

"'The ones who need to apologize is the Turkish government for supporting terror regarding the IHH (a Turkish charity tied to the flotilla), Hamas and Hezbollah,' he told a gathering of Israeli ambassadors from around the world."

 This reminds me of nothing more than children pointing to each other on the playground saying "it's his fault."

I mean, I have no clue if IHH is connected to Hamas or any of that, but this "diplomacy by the sword" really ain't workin', Israel.  Up til the flotilla incident, Turkey was Israel's staunchest ally amongst Muslim nations.  Now?

Things ain't doin' so hot.

Your lives are on the line, Israel.  Your country isn't a playground.  Why don't we work on actually being a country instead of a war machine, and then I can stop reading about your bullshit in the news.


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