Friday, December 10, 2010

Brit Students Now Learn American's Pain! Plus-- Camilla Gets Poked With a Stick...!

Anarchy in the UK!!!!

The less-than-popular Cameron government jacked the price of tuition threefold, outraging students that can't afford the steep $60,000 for a three year degree.  So they put down their crumpets, polished their monocles, and took to the streets!  The riots goin' on in London are positively unseemly!  They don't even break for tea-time!


Things got real hairy today for the Hunchface of Buckingham (I mean, Prince of Wales) and his wife Cthulhu (I mean, Camilla) as their car was attacked by rioting students.  Oh, come on, you know they're both ugly as sin, don't look at me like that.

"One of the car's rear windows was opened in error as rioters chanted 'off with their heads' and 'Tory scum'.
The Duchess, 63, was said to be recovering well from her ordeal yesterday - but questions were mounting for Scotland Yard, over why the couple were 'sitting ducks' for the mob.
A senior government source said: 'It is completely ridiculous that they were driving there at that time in a vintage Rolls-Royce.'"

Poor Camilla got poked with a stick!  Right in the ribs. 

You wouldn't like her when she's angry...

Ok, I can't really feel sad for these two.  I mean, really, if you had Prince Charle's inbred Britface, would you really cheat on Diana with... CAMILLA?  She looks like she should be chasing a fake rabbit around a racetrack! Loot at her in the above photo-- you can tell by the bloodthirsty glint in her eyes that she is about to shape-change into her beast form and attack the offensive students! 

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