Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Mesozoic. Cretaceous. Cro-Magnon Man."

I'm a big fan of all these redonkulous videos coming out where they're all terribly animated and talk in robot voices.  What fun!  I think I'll have to make one myself.

This one, found below, addresses a subject I get enraged about:  exercise cults and the schmucks who buy into them.

You will NEVER find me in a fucking gym.  EVER.  A)  I'm hot enough already.  If you doubt that, look left.  Hot.  B)  People who work out too much are zombies.  They only want to talk about working out.  They only WANT to work out.  They either hate their bodies or want to fuck themselves silly.  They're CRAZY.

Hint:  If you talk more about working out than I talk about my blog-- you have a goddamn problem.

CrossFit is an example of that!  I mean, shit, this program entailing "carrying odd objects" is in 2000 gyms worldwide and looks stupid.  STUPID.  Stupid like a seizure.  Don't be a cultist!  Go for a walk.  Go for a jog.  Don't be an asshole and work out twenty thousand times a day.  Please. 

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