Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ian Awesome's Archnemesis is Totes a Ne'er-do-well!

This Douglas person is totally besmirching the Awesome name!

Neither a captain, NOR awesome.  Discuss.

A fellow adventurer and associate from high school has a harrowing tale to tell from 2001!

"Well, it had to be after spring 2000, cause that's when we moved to this house. I'd say roughly 2001.
The paper boy, whose name is (removed), was always always late and/or noisy, and at my house we need our newspaper by 6 a.m. sharp and we wake up if you and your crappy-ass friends are drunk while you deliver it.

So, every day that the paper was late, my parents would call and complain, and the problems didn't end.
They got to the point where they would just write down the time it came and only call once a week to file 7 complaints at once.

The only time the paper was on time was when he was still drunk Saturday morning and would deliver it at four a.m.

So he got tired of being complained at and he TP'ed our rhodie bush, but a few days earlier 'Doug' told me it was going to happen."

She suspects that this Doug, who was friends with the hoodlum delivery person, was directly involved in this ghastly crime.  Ugh!  Don't even talk to this person!  He is a criminal mastermind and should be avoided!

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