Monday, December 27, 2010

Rep. Tom Coburn, (R) OK: All Americans Will Have to Sacrifice! Lower Class Americans: You Mean Us, Right?

Here's a hint to dumbasses calling for Americans to tighten their belts: don't do it during the holiday season.  It's a sensitive subject for many of us.

Please sir, can I have some more?  Uh, money? 

In discussing the incoming Congress and the balance of power shifting due to an increased Republican presence on the Hill, this CNN article had an interesting quote (thanks to Shakesville for pointing this out):

"However, Republicans have made clear that cutting spending is their top priority. Incoming House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, is promising weekly votes on spending cuts, and conservative Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma warned of a national catastrophe if the deficit doesn't get reduced.

"'There will not be one American that will not be called to sacrifice' under the needed spending cuts to deal with the deficit, Coburn said on 'FOX News Sunday.'"

I would like to point out:  Mr. Coburn voted to extend the infamous "Bush Era" tax cuts for the rich.  I can think of SOME Americans that he doesn't want to call to sacrifice.

Mother.  Fucker.

Don't call ME to sacrifice, Mr. Coburn.  I've sacrificed enough.  I wasn't able to give my fucking mother a Christmas present this year, sir.  Were you?

You dare ask for Americans to give MORE to our tanking economy-- while preserving the wealth of the financial top percentile of the nation?  What kind of GD sense does that make?  This is not a sacrifice Coburn and his slimy ilk is asking America to make, it's a sacrifice he's asking poor America to make.

From another CNN article:

"The richest 1% of U.S. households had a net worth 225 times greater than that of the average American household in 2009, according to analysis conducted by the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank. That's up from the previous record of 190 times greater, which was set in 2004."

The gap between rich and poor is widening, dude, and I'm not interested in covering the asses of the rich and powerful.  I'd like my family to have a happy Christmas next year, and we're not going to be able to do so under your plan, Mr. Coburn.  Get a clue!  During a time where poor kids in New York have to send pleas for gifts to Chelsea gay Santas in order to have a holiday, you come up with this fuckery?

 I could just spit. 

 Tom Coburn at open mic night.

Oh WAIT!  I'm taking this too seriously.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Silly me!  He's JOKING.  I'm going to name him Comedian of the Week!  Clever man.

Because he HAS to be joking.  Right?

[CNN link 1]

[CNN link 2]

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