Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stricter Regulations For Buying Murder Weapons: Pffffffft.

The American's right to bear arms isn't just driving up OUR violent crime rates, but yay!  Now other countries!  Hooray, freedom!

Gracias para mis armas, America!  Me encanta Sarah Palin!

"Mexican cartels are taking advantage of U.S. gun laws to buy thousands of weapons that are being used in an escalating drug war that has claimed more than 31,000 lives since late 2006, experts and law enforcement officials tell NBC News.

U.S. firearms agents estimate that around 80 percent of the weapons used by Mexican drug traffickers come from the United States, where cartel leaders are hiring Americans with clean records to make the purchases for them. In the past four years, Mexican authorities say they have seized 90,000 weapons from their nation's drug war."

So:  Tourism, one of Mexico's prime sources of income, is being ruined because people fear these drug cartels that kidnap Americans.  Guess what!  The guns they use are courtesy of bums like the NRA who think that the sale of firearms should have less regulation.  Perfect!  Now everyone can know our pain!


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