Saturday, December 11, 2010

Brazil Rules. America Doesn't. The End.

What the hell is wrong with this picture? 

On Friday, Latin America proved once again to be more progressive than the ol' US of A when Brazil's Attorney General released an opinion-- treated as an executive order-- authorizing Social Security benefits to be released to same-sex partners in the event of a citizen's death.

Ok, guys, I'm gettin' sick of this shit.  First Argentina gives gay marriage the green light, and now this?  How is it that we are still stuck on the basics of equal rights for the homos when our so-called "backwards" neighbours to the south are spankin' us on the marriage issue?

Good for you Brazil!  Why don't you give our leaders a call and give them a clue on how to not be spineless?  Okthxbye.

[Latin American Herald]

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