Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mississippi Rep: Stop Picking on Bigots!

Citing concerns that learning about civil rights will somehow impede his children's ability to read and write, MS Rep. John Moore (R) has filed a lawsuit (again) in an attempt to repeal historic legislation requiring Mississippian children to learn about the struggles of the civil rights movement throughout the race wars that plagued the South for decades.

"I just want to make sure it's teaching the truth and facts and not being accusatory of one group of people or the other. I don't want it to be somebody's philosophical idea of what civil rights are."

My name is Sir Racism-a-lot Douchebaggerton, and I approve this message.


Initially upon glancing at this gem of a news item I found on Pam's House Blend, I thought for sure it was in reference to a controversial measure proposed in California that would make available curricula teaching about figures and events in the history of gay rights (a measure designed to curb bullying and teach them damnfool kids some respeck).  No.  He's seriously objecting to kids learning about the liberation of black people in Mississippi.

I don't think I really even need to comment on this guy.  I mean, really dude, I don't think anyone agrees that "Racism is BAD" is "somebody's philosophical idea of what civil rights are."  I'm pretty sure it's accepted as truth.

Really, Mississippi?  You still produce dumbasses like this guy?


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