Friday, December 31, 2010

Lord Bieber, Beloved By Teen Girls, HATED By Grown Bigots. Plus! He's Canadian. *Shudder*

Click on over to Wonkette to read their delightful (as usual) piece describing the "Boycott companies who support the Ground Zero Mosque (Starting with GQ)" Facebook page.  For some reason, these loony toons have decided that Justin Bieber loves Muslims, so he better be ready for the "back lash.*"

 Tigars are scarry!

*side note:  is he legal to start receiving back lashes?  I don't think so, no matter HOW kinky those durned Canadians are.

WOW.  These guys were raised in America guys-- there you have it.  The genetic heritage that produces the future generations of America also produced this. 


 Lord Bieber is displeased.  Feed him your daughters and he might spare you.

But guess what?  Bieber never said a gorram thing about the "Ground Zero Mosque" (in reality a community center with prayer space three blocks away and completely out of sight of Ground Zero).  The whole story is fake!  The only thing we can suss out his Bieberness might have said that would have offended the Right Honorable Patriots of Amurrica is the following:

You better learn, Justin-- Here in MAN COUNTRY we blow shit up, not pray for people.

Darn him and his pinko Canadian ways! 


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