Friday, December 10, 2010

Dear Archbishop Jerkwad: Your Flock is Smarter Than You

Have you heard of this archbishop in Minnesota who is distributing hundreds of thousands of DVD that detail the various evils of GAY MARRIAGE (scary music).

Luckily, this nefarious character by the name of Neinstadt, has some parishioners in his archdiocese who AREN'T BIG FUCKING DOUCHEBAGS.  This group of nice little old ladies (cuz aren't Catholics supposed to be nice little old ladies?  With rosaries?) has, so far, collected 3,000 DVDs and returned them to this punk. 

Politely, of course.

"We are simply a group of mostly suburban, mostly middle aged, married Catholics, who are concerned about the priorities of the leaders in the Catholic Church in Minnesota.  We believe their action, distributing 400,000 DVDs on the single subject of same-sex marriage shortly before the upcoming election, reflects misguided priorities and strays from the essential teachings of Christ. "

Tho this guy looks kinda crazy

Of course, if it were me, I'd probably just crush 'em up, mix 'em with manure, light the mess on fire and dump it on his doorstep, but hey, different folks.


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