Monday, December 20, 2010

HRC's Call for Complacency: Gay Rights Struggle Won and We Now Don't Have to do Anything. PS: Send Us Money.

 This motherfucker is the worst thing for gay rights EVER. 

Anyone who has ever discussed gay politics with me knows that the Human Rights Campaign is an organization that annoys me a great deal (yes, maybe even more than it should).  But today the reasons why were reiterated in an article on the Washington Post.

Via AMERICAblog Gay:

"'If you can fight and die for your country, there's absolutely no reason why you can't be granted the full set of rights' that others have, including the ability to marry a same-sex partner, said Fred Sainz, a vice president at the Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights group. With the military's policy repealed, he said, 'Americans will deduce that on their own. We won't have to say a thing.'"

 I mean, who is surprised?  HRC has proven over the past few years to be apologists for Democratic candidates, critics of people who ACTUALLY believe in activism (Dan Choi and company), and cautious buggers that refuse to make strong statements in the press supporting gay rights-- all the while raking in donor money.

Why the fuck are these guys still the most prominent gay rights organization in our country?  WTF?  I'm so pissed over this I can't even crack jokes. 

We fought for 17 years to get Don't Ask, Don't Tell repealed.  17 years.  I'm sorry, Joe fucking Solmonese, I'm not going to wait another fucking two decades to get married so that you can keep your job as a fundraiser for do-nothing Democrats. 

[AMERICAblog Gay]

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