Monday, December 6, 2010

Open Post: Hosted By My Old-Ass Mom Getting Tossed in a Pool

My fave part about blogging is reading the comments you guys leave-- sometimes you guys are funnier comedians than I ever could be.  I've had a lot of new readers lately who are complete strangers.  Like, who the fuck is reading this crap in Denmark?  Introduce yourself in the comments!  Or just say some bullshit!  Post a link to something you like!  Bitch about your plantar fasciitis!  Post a personal ad (I encourage NSFW pictures)!  Fly your freak flag high, my friends!

Or don't!

Just to break the ice:

The following video is my mother getting tossed in my aunt's pool by my Uncle Mike.  Just to clarify:  This was a reception directly following my Uncle Steve's funeral.  This is how we honor our dead in my family.

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  1. She floats - you always said she was a witch.