Thursday, December 2, 2010

These Are Cute Pictures

 And now, because I'm done spewing bile for now, here are pictures of:  My friend Houston's dog, Nero, (aka, Big Daddy), me getting ready to walk said dog, his cat Hera (aka, Big Mama), me hugging my friend Justin, a clearer picture of my friend Justin, and a butt being squeezed at a leather contest.  This all really happened!!!!

My friend Atom took these pictures.  You can find him by clicking here.  He took naked pictures of me once and it was very good, so maybe you should let him take pictures of you too. 


  1. hi. i'm atom. the picture-taker mentioned above. you cannot actually "find me" by clicking there, though there is no better place online to SEE what i do :) if you want to "find me", kindly let me know first by emailing me!
    (i deal with stalkers in an obscene manner)

    so, Mr. Awesome,
    why aren't my naked pics of you on here??

  2. I am a serious blogger thing! With clothes!