Thursday, December 30, 2010

Joseph Farah Reiterates the Failing of the Far Right: Exclusion is Preferred to Diversification

Ha!  THIS guy.  Before I say anything about his dumbassery, check out his douchey stache.  While I have had just about every permutation of facial hair imaginable, at least it always MATCHED MY HAIR IN COLOR.  Dude!  If you are tryin' to get 20-year old poon with a black stache, color your hair too!

Joe needs the gays' help!  If only for his hair color.

Anyway, this fine example of a midlife crisis had this to say about GOProud (a gay Republican group generally hated by everyone because it's either gay... or Republican):

"Purge is not a bad word. It simply means, according to the dictionary definition, 'to rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify.' Conservatives need to purge from their movement anything that is not conservative. They shouldn't be attempting to broaden the definition of 'conservative.' They shouldn't be trying to build a bigger tent in the failed model of the Republican Party. They shouldn't be revising or lowering their standards. And they absolutely shouldn't be embracing enemies of the moral values that have defined the movement from the beginning.

"That's why it's time for true conservatives to get their act together as America faces its greatest challenges ever in the next two years. God cut Gideon's army up, slicing and dicing it until it represented only a tiny fraction of its numbers. God didn't want a big army to win victory. He wanted a miracle performed by a tiny army listening carefully and being in obedience to His commands. God purged thousands from Gideon's army. Conservatives need God's help, not GOProud's."

Good point, Joe!  Except for one thing:  This ain't fuckin' pre-Christian Judea.  The world has moved on since then, and we are now in 21st century America.  America isn't a country founded on the principles of exclusion.  You and your cronies would just LOVE to be able to kick out all the icky gays, Jews, blacks, and Mexicans, I'm sure, but answer me this:  Who would you hire illegally to do your dry cleaning?

Gay Abe said, back in the day, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."  Do you think your failed "big tent" is going to stand on its own by enacting the fine old tradition of elitism amongst its ranks? 

Fine.  Try it.  See how it works out for ya, Joe.  Your fancy dream image of a small elect few Repubs ruling over the rest of us heathen Americans with the mandate of Heaven is that.  Just a dream.

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