Wednesday, June 1, 2011

John Barrowman: Torchwood US Is Going To Be Way Gay

John Barrowman laid gay fans' fears to rest, saying that the US series, co-produced by Starz, is going to be just as gay as the UK version.

Some were worried that US execs would want to dumb-down the gay elements, eliminating part of the risque appeal of the Doctor Who spinoff.

"But Barrowman has stated otherwise. He told US magazine Entertainment Weekly: 'I knew they would be true to the show and not change it drastically. If it was watered down, I wouldn't have done it.

"'For those people who are staunch fans, it's going to have the heart and soul of Torchwood which we've always had, plus the energy and excitement of a show that's bigger and better.'"

Evidently there's going to be even more boy-on-boy hotness.  Suh-weet!

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