Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WI GOP Running Fake Dems In Recall Races

In response to the outrageous policies proposed by Republicans in Wisconsin, three new recall races have been approved today by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, bringing the total number to six.  Republican's response?  To register their own candidates as Democrats, thus forcing a Democratic primary and moving the issue until general elections on August 9th.  Why all this jiggery-pokery?  To give their candidates enough time to campaign.

"'We should have protest candidates in most and perhaps all of the races,' a Republican official told The Wisconsin Sentinel Journal. 'We're not hiding this from anybody.'

"'Republican senators are again busy doing their jobs crafting a fiscally responsible state budget that promotes economic growth, which puts them at a distinct disadvantage with many of their challengers who have had sufficient time to campaign,' Stephan Thompson, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, said in a statement."

It's a move some are calling Nixonian, and I tend to agree.  These elected officials are rightly being ousted for destroying the very systems that help create jobs-- AKA, unions-- and this new trick is just yet another tactic used to keep a failing party in power. 


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  1. How anyone tolerates this level of absolute villainy is amazing. Old school comic book bad guys would be inspired by misdirects of this magnitude.