Friday, June 10, 2011

UPDATE: Tina Fey Gives Tracy A Talkin' To, Plus! HRC Ain't Buyin' It

I really hope this Morgan shit gets resolved so that I don't have to write about this moron anymore.

Tina Fey stuck it to him in her usual witty, humorous fashion, reminding him and his viewers that Tracy owes a lot of shit to the gays.

"The violent imagery of Tracy’s rant was disturbing to me at a time when homophobic hate crimes continue to be a life-threatening issue for the GLBT Community.

"It also doesn’t line up with the Tracy Morgan I know, who is not a hateful man and is generally much too sleepy and self-centered to ever hurt another person.

"I hope for his sake that Tracy’s apology will be accepted as sincere by his gay and lesbian co-workers at 30 Rock, without whom Tracy would not have lines to say, clothes to wear, sets to stand on, scene partners to act with, or a printed-out paycheck from accounting to put in his pocket."

Well, Gay Inc. hasn't accepted his apology, with the HRC continuing to lambast the comic:

"Tracy Morgan exercised extremely poor judgment and he did the right thing by apologizing. But that’s just not enough. He’s a role model and Morgan now has a responsibility to make amends for his horribly hurtful and dangerous ‘comedy’ routine. He also needs to go further than his apology and correct the record: no one should feel ashamed because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and they should definitely not become a victim of violence. Words have consequences and Morgan should be held to a higher standard. Until he does something meaningful, his brand will remain tarnished."

One could say that Fred Sainz and the HRC should have better things to do then get fussed about Morgan, but I guess they can roll with it.  I'm sure we'll get a PSA or something out of it.

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