Friday, June 10, 2011

Portland Passes Trans-Inclusive Health Benefits

Today Mayor Sam Adams introduced, in partnership with the Portland City Council, health benefits to trans city employees.  The extension passed unanimously, underscoring the City of Roses' dedication to equal treatment for all Portlanders.

"'To the trans community of Portland, who each and every day makes this city a better place, it is my honor and privilege to serve on a city council that can bring an ounce of fairness in return,' Mayor Adams said. All Commissioners offered passionate commentary. Commissioner Amanda Fritz said: 'I appreciate living in a city and serving on a City Council where we look at what is the right thing to do…even though it may not be politically popular.'"

This decision comes three years after a 2008 resolution from the American Medical Association stating health care for trans Americans is medically necessary.  While health care was already available to Portland city employees, the new provisions extend that health care to include the costly treatments necessary to complete gender transition.  Congratulations to Portland and to all the trans Portlanders affected by this new law. 

[Portland Online]

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