Thursday, June 2, 2011

GLAAD Supports AT&T Making Tons Of Money

Really, GLAAD?

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has suddenly decided that an organization designed to protect the image of LGBTs in television suddenly has the right to chime in on whether or not the FCC should approve a telecommunications merger of two giant corporations.  WTF?

"In sum, we believe that the proposed AT&T-T-Mobile merger will serve the public interest in multiple ways.  If approved, it will expand the availability of true high-speed access to millions of Americans who do not currently have it. This new deployment also holds the promise of dramatic improvements in healthcare, education, the arts and the overall economy.

"Thank you for your consideration of this letter and for keeping in mind the voices in the LGBT community as you consider, and hopefully approve, this merger."

Not only that, but the company that stands much to gain from this merger, AT&T, is a member of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce that screwed ant-discrimination law in that state for years to come.  Now why should GLAAD join the HRC in giving AT&T a pass in the TN debacle?

Yet again, it's the money.  Not only does AT&T have a member on the board of GLAAD and donate to the Alliance, but the annual awards show put on by the organization is underwritten by the communications giant.  I mean, really, what does a gay rights organization care about a business deal like this?

To this I have to say:  FUCK YOU, Gay Inc.  By no means has the HRC nor GLAAD shown in recent weeks that they accurately represent the interests of the gay community, instead having the gall to speak for LGBTs and toss our "approval" onto projects and companies that benefit only the contributions made to those organizations.

I in no way benefit from this merger, and I am tired of being spoken for by these corporate chumps.  Let me make this clear:  The interests of OneAngryQueer and the queer community as a whole are not represented by these people.  They represent a sell-out: the selling out of our advocacy for corporate dollars.  Fuck that.


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  1. That merger is really dangerous. If AT&T succeeds in its ultimate goal in reestablishing its telecommunications monopoly, it will be able to censor queer content any time it likes. Considering how homophobic AT&T is, that is a chilling thought.