Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GA Sheriff Takes Lesbian Drug Offender To Ex-Gay Camp

In a shocking tale of illegal kidnapping and imprisonment, one Georgia lesbian alleges the local sheriff disobeyed a court order and chose to deliver her to an ex-gay reparative therapy program instead of the drug treatment she was supposed to complete.

Amanda Booker, a drug offender, was supposed to complete a court-ordered course of drug treatment but instead was taken to a residential program for people trying to pray-the-gay away.  She is now suing the authorities involved, citing violations of her constitutional rights.

"Sheriff Milsap told the GA Voice he had not seen the lawsuit and laughed at the allegations that were in it.

"'I haven’t been served. But, no ma’am, that is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard in my life,' Milsap said, chuckling before adding he had no comment.

"County Commissioner Clarence Brown also declined comment on the suit because he said he had not seen it. Bartow County attorney Boyd Petit said his office received a notice in November of a possible lawsuit being filed, but that he had not seen a copy of the suit and also could not comment."

If this is true it is a disgusting perversion of the office given these law enforcement officers.  

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