Tuesday, January 4, 2011

US joins Japan in an Unholy Alliance to Protect Whaling

Sea Shepherd, an anti-whaling organization, has recently come into the national spotlight due to their aggressive tactics:

"The U.S. representative to the International Whaling Commission, Monica Medina, discussed revoking the U.S.-based conservation group's tax exempt status during a meeting with senior officials from the Fisheries Agency of Japan in November 2009, according to the documents released by WikiLeaks on Monday.

"Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's yearly protest campaigns — which chase Japan's whaling fleet in boats trying to disrupt the hunt by fouling fishing lines and throwing rancid butter at whalers — have drawn high-profile donors and volunteers, and spawned the popular Animal Planet series 'Whale Wars.' In Japan, the harrassment is seen by some as foreign interferance in national affairs, making politicians wary of getting involved.

"Action against Sea Shepherd would be a 'major element' in achieving success at international negotiations on the number of whales killed each year, the cables cite the director general of Japan's fisheries agency, Katsuhiro Machida, as saying."

Why is any of this important?

Sea Shepherds tactics have been the same since 1981-- when they first achieved their tax exempt status.  Isn't it a bit suspicious that suddenly their tax exempt status is being threatened right when Japan is trying to negotiate being allowed to increase the number of whales they kill every year?

And don't even get me started on that-- the organization that hunts and kills these individuals amongst already weak whale populations?  It's called the "Institute for Cetacean Research."  This "Institute" kills thousands of whales a year, does "research" (no-one is really sure what this research entails) and then sells the meat to restaurants and markets.  It's all in the name of science! 

All this important people talk has left me hungry!  Let's call up some "scientists" and get us some lunch!

So why is the Obama administration supporting the Japanese state-sanctioned murder of protected animals for financial gain? 

Oh wait.  Those last two words might JUST be the answer.  Let's not piss off one of our closest financial partners by insisting they comply with international whaling laws, oh no.  Instead, let's penalize those who bravely attempt to show the world the atrocities being committed by these "scientists."



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