Saturday, January 22, 2011

February: Let's Ignore the Douchetards

Dana Milbank, a columnist featured in the Washington Post, is troubled that he writes so much about Sarah Palin:

"The media obsession with Palin began naturally and innocently enough, when the Alaska governor emerged as an electrifying presence on the Republican presidential ticket more than two years ago. But then something unhealthy happened: Though Palin was no longer a candidate, or even a public official, we in the press discovered that the mere mention of her name could vault our stories onto the most-viewed list. Palin, feeding this co-dependency and indulging the news business's endless desire for conflict, tweeted provocative nuggets that would help us keep her in the public eye -- so much so that this former vice presidential candidate gets far more coverage than the actual vice president."

His solution?  Declare February a Palin-free month.  He won't write about her for the entire month.

February:  The month Sarah leaves us alone and gets a real job.

I agree with him.  Do you think that wacko would have published the gross graphic targeting congresspeople if we hadn't given her the platform to do so?

It brings to mind a lot of other hateful people who wouldn't have any staying power or ability to harm if we just didn't talk about them.  For instance: Westboro Baptist Church, otherwise known as the "God Hates Fags" people.  When these nutjobs threatened to picket the funerals of the Tucson shooting victims, several of you asked me to write about it.  I won't.  I refuse to give my blog to assholes as a way of promoting their image.

So I'm going to join Milbank.  Let's stop giving Sarah publicity-- and thus money-- because she honestly doesn't deserve it. 


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