Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011: The Year of Acceptance

This mom might be my new personal hero.

5-year old Dyson has decided that he just LOVES to wear dresses.  When he asked to be a princess for Halloween, his mother initially resisted, until her older son said "Why won't you just let him be happy?"

Wow.  At a time when kids are killing themselves because people bully them for being different, parents like these are a ray of hope.  This mom and dad realized that the problem wasn't that their son was different-- it was that they needed to accept his differences.

"'I like to dress up in different kinda clothes, and jewelry,' says Dyson. His favorite outfit of all is that of a princess. Cheryl Kilodavis and her husband, Dean, came to accept and embrace their son and his budding, authentic self. When Dyson decided that he was going to wear a princess costume to his school's Halloween day, Cheryl called the school and told them what was going on. Dyson's teacher, Judith Hart, called together the entire staff for support and she got it-even three of the school's most 'macho' male employees dressed as ballerinas for the day to show support for the 'Princess Boy'!"

What an amazing story.

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