Monday, January 31, 2011

Neocons in Hysterics About ElBaradei, the Rest of Us Surprised There Are Still Neocons

I didn't even know these guys were still around...

In a tantrum reminiscent of Bush-era foreign policy, DC war enthusiasts denounced the Egyptian opposition leader as a "stooge of Iran."  This isn't the first time they've done this-- ElBaradei, as the chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, strongly opposed the Bush administration's assertions that Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction.

"Nonetheless, the neocons who wildly hyped and distorted military intelligence in Iraq were determined to once again undermine ElBaradei when it came to Iran’s WMD program. 'Mohamed ElBaradei is an apologist for Iran,' Bolton said in 2007. Why did Bolton say this? Because ElBaradei has refused to endorse a US- or Israeli-led attack on Iran, much to the chagrin of neocon war cheerleaders. The former IAEA chief has publicly criticized the Iranian government for not cooperating sufficiently with his agency, but he’s also been careful to note that robust diplomacy is the ultimate solution to the Iranian nuclear standoff."

Now the same chumps-- such as Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice president of the Council of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations and source of the "stooge" quote-- are attacking ElBaradei on the eve of Mubarak's fall from power in Egypt.

Listen, guys, you know very well we aren't going to suddenly storm off to war based on trumped up charges.  The fact that they are going to attack this guy-- who by the way is the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize-- simply because he is opposing Hosni Mubarak is a desperate move for attention, for reasons I don't even understand anymore.

What they need is to be tucked up in their armchairs by the fire with a nice glass of warm milk, where they can grumpily tell their "good ol' days" stories about the Bush era.  I mean, who takes these fogies seriously?


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