Monday, January 10, 2011

Saskatchewan: Civil Employees MUST Marry Gay Couples

A Saskatchewan court today decided to slap around anti-gay civil employees by mandating that they are NOT allowed to refuse to marry a couple based on their religious beliefs.

 This guy is hot, and from Canada.  Therefore, I like Canada.  Deal.

From the Toronto Sun:

"The court found that civil ceremonies free of religious implication are exactly that: free of the influence of religion.

"The court also found that people who assume roles in public offices are bound to the rules governing those offices.

"'Persons who voluntarily choose to assume an office, like that of a marriage commissioner, cannot expect to directly shape the office's intersection with the public so as to make it conform with their personal religious or other beliefs,' the court wrote in its decision.

"'In our tradition, the apparatus of the state serves everyone equally without providing better, poorer or different services to one individual compared to another by making distinctions on the basis of factors like race, religion or gender.'

"To allow civil commissioners to refuse to perform marriages solely on their personal religious grounds, the court ruled, 'would violate the equality rights of gay and lesbian individuals.'"

Once again, our neighbors to the north have proven themselves to be far more reasonable than many of our own crackpots.  Who are these people who think they can refuse to do the jobs they were hired to do-- on the public's dime? 

I mean, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah-- if you seek employment with a company that makes shoes, you can't say "I refuse to make shoelaces.  String is against my religion."  You should be working elsewhere.

And really, refusing to give someone a civil contract on the basis of their sexuality is JUST as nonsensical as restrictions against string.  Nutjobs. 

Note:  Just wait for the Right's response-- "They're going to arrest our pastors and dip them in boiling oil unless everyone turns gay!"  Etc.

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